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Creative Intermission Workshops are here!

What is Creative Intermission?

These are short (1.5-2 hours) "intermissions" in daily life; intentional breaks where participants gather in a safe emotional space to reflect, create, and grow.  The focus is on using creativity as restorative play, so anyone can participate.  You do not need previous art experience of any kind to benefit from these workshops.  While the subject and approach will change from workshop to workshop, the intent for all of them is that participants would leave feeling encouraged and refreshed.


These are great activities to do with friends, but are also relaxing experiences to have by yourself. And, if interested in booking for a group, contact me.  I can customize for your event, whether it is a birthday party, a retreat, an office party, or just a girls' night out.

There are no events currently scheduled. I am working on identifying dates and venues to host these. If interested, the best way to know about updates is to get on my mailing list.

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