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About Lisa

I grew up in Minnesota and currently live in Lafayette, Indiana.  My father, a photographer by profession as well as hobby, modeled living and breathing creativity, so art was part of my life from my earliest memories.

I hold a degree in psychology from Hamline University, but started pursuing art full time in 1998, when I stumbled upon a local class on making flame-worked glass beads.  Captivated by the art form, I immediately set up my own studio and plunged into hours of practice on the torch. 

My work in the years since then reflects an insatiable curiosity and love of learning, and has constantly evolved to incorporate new materials, different techniques, and fresh ideas.

My current body of work, Wearable Indiana, began in 2010 with jewelry inspired by the interior of historical buildings.  Receiving an Arts in the Parks and Historic Places grant from the state of Indiana in 2016, led to an expansion of that work with the introduction of the Topography Series. Incorporating copper, silver, enamel, and flame-worked glass, the Topography Series visually narrates land elevation and features into intimate, portable art.

A few immutable beliefs coupled with my personal characteristics shape why I am a creator making the things that I make:

  • First and most important is my deep love of Jesus and my conviction that He created me with a design and purpose unique to me.  

  • God is the ultimate Creator, and I believe when I come into his presence at the end of my earthly life, I will understand fully the twists and turns of my life and the reasons behind each.  

  • My creativity is a gift He means for me to use in this life, even if I only understand fully why later.


I have always loved rocks and minerals of all types—hardly anything thrills me more! Much of my current glasswork mimics stone, with irregular shaping and a matte, rather than a shiny, surface.  Even after I point out the handmade beads and explain why they look the way they do, I am sometimes asked, "What kind of stone did you say this was?"

Because I am a staunch introvert, I enjoy every moment working alone in my studio. However, every piece created feels like an extension of myself in some way, and I enjoy creating a bridge to others through my art.

I am happy to entertain inquiries about custom work, repairs, or any other special requests.  It is my hope that my designs bring you joy, and inspire you to live your own life's design in a creative way!


About Abednego Creations

Abednego Creations started in 1998, when I began creating my own flameworked glass beads to use in my jewelry designs rather than mass-produced purchased beads.  Over the years, my artwork has expanded to include glass items such as ornaments, desk sets, and tear jars.  My jewelry has also evolved, currently incorporating much more metalwork, which I also hand fabricate myself.

The name Abednego Creations was inspired from the Bible passage found in Daniel 3:8-28, of three faithful men of God who were saved out of a fiery furnace when they refused to worship King Nebuchadnezzar.  

Fire has always been an essential tool in creating my work, both glass and metal.  Because I know the same faithful God of this story, I love the tie in!  My glass is created directly in the flame, yet just like my favorite verse in the story (v.27), it emerges without even the scent of smoke upon it—just beauty.  I encourage you to read the full story for yourself.

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